Review: Pasta Dal Cuore & Salcheto Chianti

An Italian dinner calls for Italian wine, right? Obviously.

Our visit to Pasta Dal Cuore began as any trip to a B.Y.O.B. restaurant does– with a stop at Cool Vines, our favorite local liquor store.

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Jersey City Project: EATS Review

Jersey City’s Project: EATS is back this weekend for it’s fourth year! This is my first time attending, but I’m already hoping that it comes back again for a fifth round.

First up was a taste test of Slow & Low Rock and Rye. There will be a separate post about this liquor at a later date, but I will tell you that it is delicious— no need for mixers or additions. Something you can truly drink straight or neat.


Next, we made the rounds of the vendors deciding which we wanted to eat at, and which we would have to skip. There were plenty of really interesting booths, but there’s only so much food I can eat … or make Alex eat so I can have a taste and write about it.

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Vintage Nikon Camera Bag

Yesterday Alex and I were out viewing new apartments, checking out different neighborhoods etc. We passed a couple yard sales​ and stopped for a minute, but there wasn’t ​anything we wanted. As we were heading home, there was another yard sale, and I figured it was probably the same old junk as the others. But, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a brown bag with a Nikon logo. It caught my eye so I stopped and looked at it.


At first I thought, “Man, how cool would I look carrying my camera around in this sweet-ass vintage bag?”

Then I thought, “Wow, this bag is seriously retro and possibly worth some big bucks.”

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A Night Out in Jersey City

A friend had a guest visiting from London, so of course we had to show the guy the staples of Jersey City. We crammed 3 different locations into one night: Taphaus, Archer and Golden Cicada. Each one represents a different kind of scene or crowds in Jersey City.

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