Review: Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

When you think of brunch you probably don’t think of beer.

And when you think of coffee, you definitely don’t think of weasel poop. What?!

I got ahead of myself, let’s rewind for a minute.

Today is International Beer Day. If there is any time that’s appropriate to have beer with the first meal of the day, it’s today.

Mikkeller, supposed nemesis of Evil Twin,  makes Beer Geek Brunch Weasel. Brewed in Norway, it’s an Imperial Stout made with coffee. In fact, some of the most expensive coffee in the world.

That’s where the weasel poop comes in. So, in South-East Asia, there are weasel like animals called Civets. Part of their diet is coffee cherries — the civet …uh… “releases” partially digested coffee cherries that have absorbed enzymes from the animal’s digestive tract. Some poor, poor, souls collect the feces containing the partially digested coffee cherry, and that’s used to make coffee. The coffee by itself can cost up to $700 per kilo, with the lowest grade civet coffee costing $100. Still wayyyy more expensive than your local Starbucks.

Having not tasted cà phê Chồn (the Vietnamese name for the brewed coffee) by itself, I don’t know what makes it worth 35 times more than regular coffee. What I can tell you is that Brunch Weasel smells like coffee, but tastes much less acidic than regular coffee stouts. As I sit here writing this, I can feel the caffeine sneaking up on me. There’s almost a honey-like flavor to it, but not sweet. There’s also a tiny hint of red wine taste. It’s very dark in color: dark brown, almost black. It came out of the bottle with a fair amount of head.

So yes, I drank a beer before noon. I guess it’s called Beer Geek Brunch Weasel for a reason.  Plus, who was I to say no to the 20th best beer in the world on International Beer Day?


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