Milk Chocolate Day & Definitive Ranking of Lindt Flavors

July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day!

Because today is also moving day for me (new apartment– woo!) I didn’t have time to go any cool artisan chocolate factory like Cacao Prieto. Instead, I bought  box of Lindt chocolates from Walgreens.


C’mon, you didn’t really think I was going to let a chocolate themed holiday pass me by, did you?

Lucky for you, I ranked the flavors of the Lindt chocolates, so you can eat the best ones out of the box first and give the rest to your roommate. You’re welcome.

Here is my definitive ranking, in reverse order because ya gotta have a little suspense in your life.

lindt chocolates box ranking

#6. White Chocolate Truffle

Did you know that white chocolate isn’t even real chocolate? It’s just made from the cocoa butter i.e. it’s basically fat. That’s why this is last.

#5. Dark Heart

This flavor wasn’t bad, just basic. Little bit cocoa-y, little bit sweet, little bit chalky. This chocolate is like a nice person you meet at a networking event, but then you never think about them again.

#4. Milk Caramel Chew

At first bite, this chocolate tastes mostly like the Dark Heart, if a little bit sweeter. Then, when you get into the caramel, it gets even better. The caramel is the golden nugget in a lump of cocoa.

#3. Lindor Milk Truffle

This one is so smooth and sweet! If you’re ever craving a single bite of creamy chocolate, this is a really good option. Plus, it’s individually wrapped so you can hide it in your purse in case of sugar emergency.

#2. Extra Dark Truffle

This is just like the Lindor Milk Truffle, but darker and better. That’s all I have to say about that.

#1.Hazelnut Truffle

Smooth, and a pleasant mixture of slightly bitter and sweet, this one is my favorite! For reference, it’s a little bit like an adult version of Nutella hidden in a chocolate suitcase. When you open the box, grab this one first before anyone else gets ahold of it.

Or even better, eat a whole box by yourself and don’t share with anyone! It’s National Milk Chocolate Day, go wild.


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