Bee Happy: Catskill Provisions New York Honey Whiskey Review

“Happy Bees Make Better Honey!”

This slogan appears on the jar of raw wildflower honey I received from Catskill Provisions, and I couldn’t agree more! Their honey is also infused into their New York Honey infused Rye whiskey.


One of the things I really appreciate about Catskill Provisions (aside from their fantastic whiskey) is their commitment to taking good care of bees and the environment. Their products are environmentally and socially conscious, which is something that is really important to me. For example, they have committed to “100% sustainable, raw, organic, local food products.” Not only do their products taste good, but they do good, too.

Now, onto the New York Honey infused Whiskey. If it feels like I’ve written about Catskill Provisions’ whiskey before, it’s because I have! I had the pleasure of tasting it at the NYC Indie Spirits Expo, and it was so good that it made a spot in my top ten favorites list from the event!

Lucky me, I have a bottle of Catskill Provisions’ whiskey (Thank you, Claire!) so I can write in more detail about this spirit!

At first pour, the honey infused whiskey has a lovely amber color. The scent reminds me a little bit of dark chocolate with it’s subtle bitter-sweet smell. Obviously, it also smells of honey, in case that wasn’t clear from the name of the liquor.


It has a pleasant mouth-warming quality, and has a slight hint of smokiness which– I presume– comes from the honey. The finish is dry and orange-y and lingers nicely in the mouth for a while.

To tell you how much I liked it, once I received the bottle, I drank no other liquors for probably like three days. Most of it was sipped straight (because it’s that kind of spirit) and I experimented with cocktails as well.

Here are a couple experiments I tried with Catskill Provisions’ honey infused whiskey:

Classic cocktails! Man oh man, if you are looking for a whiskey to make a Manhattan with, this is it! The smokiness from the honey compliments the sweet vermouth (I used Noilly Prat) and the maraschino cherry. When Alex tried it, all he could say was, “This is good stuff.” over and over. Indeed, it is good stuff.


An invention of my own: watermelon juice and honey-infused whiskey. If I had a backyard, and if I was the type of person to host barbeques, I would most definitely serve this as a simple, yet refreshing mix. What I did was literally just put ice and watermelon in the blender, then I poured Catskill Provisions’ whiskey over it in a glass with a ratio of 1:1. An alternate way of making this that requires much less clean-up (blenders are difficult to wash!) get yourself a bottle or two of WTRMLN WTR, and mix that with the whiskey in a pitcher. Perfect summer cocktail that will impress all of your friends? Achieved.


As far as the honey goes, it’s has a smoky flavor but also a floral taste as well. What I made with it was Spicy Sweet Sausage Spaghetti Sauce. Yes, that name is a mouthful, and the food is too. I scarfed it down in 2 minutes, which has got to be a record or something. A post about that recipe is coming soon, so stock up on some honey and chili flakes and get your chef hats on.


After having written this, a significant portion of Catskill Provisions’ Honey Infused Whiskey is gone. It’s so enjoyable we just couldn’t stop pouring ourselves more! If you want to order some, it’s available in 41 states! (I’m so glad I’m not in one of those nine states)


Sponsorship Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for writing this blog post. However, all opinions are honest and my own. Sponsorship or partnership does not affect what I think about a product or what I write here. I strive to provide the best and most reliable information I am possible of providing to maintain the integrity of my blog. This disclosure is required by the Federal Trade Commission, but also so that my readers are always kept in the loop.

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