Jersey City Project: EATS Review

Jersey City’s Project: EATS is back this weekend for it’s fourth year! This is my first time attending, but I’m already hoping that it comes back again for a fifth round.

First up was a taste test of Slow & Low Rock and Rye. There will be a separate post about this liquor at a later date, but I will tell you that it is delicious— no need for mixers or additions. Something you can truly drink straight or neat.


Next, we made the rounds of the vendors deciding which we wanted to eat at, and which we would have to skip. There were plenty of really interesting booths, but there’s only so much food I can eat … or make Alex eat so I can have a taste and write about it.

We tried samples of Hoboken Farms marinara and vodka sauces. Normally we make our own pasta sauce, but I’d put this stuff on some penne any day. We actually came back later to buy some but they had packed up and left already– so sad!


Alex wanted the sausages, and they were a two-for deal, so he got two. I’d say the sausage meat was about average, but the relish blew my mind! Usually I don’t care for relish, but it really made for a tasty hot dog.


I saw the word “Spam” and I was instantly attracted to it. So that’s what I got: Spam Musubi with teriyaki from Eemas Cuisine! Yum yum yum!


The seaweed wrap was a good balance of crispy and chewy. I think it’s hard to get seaweed to be a nice texture. On one hand, you want it to be strong enough to hold together the musubi roll, but on the other hand, you don’t want it to be like chewing fishy gum. This was good seaweed. I bet you all are judging me right now for liking Spam, but hey, to each their own, right? I only wish I had a large enough appetite to get a couple more different types of musubi rolls. Plus, do you see how adorable it looks with the blossom?!


Cocktail break! There was a bar with about 3 different beer options, and a couple different cocktails made with Slow & Low. I took the lemonade– it was refreshing in such hot weather. Alex had the Old Fashioned– it tasted just like the Slow & Low. Very very good, but a little heavy for a 86 degree day.

While we had been sipping our cocktails, I saw people walking around with crab poutine. Fries are the freaking best. Seafood is also the freaking best. So I became convinced that I needed some, even though I probably (read: definitely) had enough food already. It came with a huge pile of crab meat– yum! — and lemon tartar sauce– also yum! The whole thing was seasoned with Old Bay too, a cherry on top of this huge, savory, seafood sundae. Thanks to Just BeClaws for exposing me to this new fave food of mine!


As dessert, a mini ice cream hot dog from Milk Sugar Love! As you can see, totally cute! If a food comes in an extra tiny version, I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it.


Hopefully the Jersey City Project brings back Project: EATS back again in 2018! I’m ready for more new, local treats!


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