Strawberry Green Smoothie with Vanilla Chia Pod

Here is a fact about me: I am hungry all the time. No matter what time of day, I’m ready to eat.

Finding a food that actually makes me feel full, even for like, 5 minutes, is a miracle. Chia Pods are that food that actually fill me.


Another fact about me: Alex and I recently got a blender. I’ve been using it every day since we got it. You know what that means– smoothies!

As you probably surmised, I got to experimenting. You know me: always messing around in the kitchen.

Here’s what I tried: a smoothie with a chia pod added. Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Chia seed smoothies are already a thing.” Well, yeah, they are. But because chia pods are ready made and have a pudding texture, it makes a thicker and more filling smoothie! Almost like a healthy milkshake, but vegan.

I used a vanilla chia pod, about 4 large strawberries, a handful of spinach, a splash of orange juice, and a few ice cubes. It’s been a couple hours now since I made and drank the smoothie. Surprisingly enough, I’m still not hungry. A miracle!

This smoothie isn’t very sweet, but it would be really good with added honey.


Chia seeds are also perfect, because my doctor recently told me I should eat more foods with omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are packed and now I don’t have to take fish oil supplements (blech)! They also have tons of fiber and protein, so score on that end too.

The only downside is that it looks kinda gross. Tastes delicious, but not something you want to see on your Instagram feed.

As always, if you try my recipe, I wanna hear how it goes!

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