Vintage Nikon Camera Bag

Yesterday Alex and I were out viewing new apartments, checking out different neighborhoods etc. We passed a couple yard sales​ and stopped for a minute, but there wasn’t ​anything we wanted. As we were heading home, there was another yard sale, and I figured it was probably the same old junk as the others. But, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a brown bag with a Nikon logo. It caught my eye so I stopped and looked at it.


At first I thought, “Man, how cool would I look carrying my camera around in this sweet-ass vintage bag?”

Then I thought, “Wow, this bag is seriously retro and possibly worth some big bucks.”

According to a few listings on eBay, it was worth at least 5 times what the lady was asking for it. So I bought it.

Here’s where it gets even more cool– this whole story is so many layers of discoveries like infinite Matryushka dolls. I get the bag home and inside is an even more vintage Nikon lens case. Score, right? Just wait.


Inside the lens case is a secret compartment with 4 filters for a 500mm lens. They have clearly never been touched since they were put in there when the thing was manufactured 30-40+ years ago.


Maybe I’m just an extreme nerd about cameras and vintage stuff and scoring deals, but this was just amazing to me. My mission now is to a) determine their actual worth, and b) get them in the hands of someone who really cares about this kind of stuff. Yes, I love my Nikon and it was really cool to find this, but I’m not a collector.

Plus, we’re moving into a studio apartment at the end of July, and ain’t nobody got room for that.

If you’re a Nikon collector, or know someone who is, please share this with them so they can get in touch with me!



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